Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Things I've Learned Living In NYC

You may see these entries every once in awhile. They will be short and sweet, and may make no sense at all, or they could be very thought provoking and deep. (Oh, I'm deep!) Either way, they are just things that I've noticed living in NYC, (besides the smell of urine. I mean it's pretty amazing and sad that since moving to NYC I can tell the difference between animal urine and human urine, totally disgusting I know, but true). Anyway, here is the entry for today.

As you know I tend to frequent the Whole Foods in Union Square. For those of you who haven't been there, at check out, they have multiple lines that people wait in, and when a register number is called, a person from the first line proceeds until the next number is called, then a person from the next line proceeds, and so on, and so on. So there are about 10 lines that people wait in. Since moving to NYC, I've gotten real good at observational addition. I can survey the lines and quickly add up how many people are in each line and find the shortest line to enter, often noticing people who are together and having the foresight to count them as one. Shaving possibly a whole minute off my line time! Impressed? Probably not. But try it next time you are there. And try it at lunch time, I mean, adding up to 2 or 3 is easy, but try adding 7 or 8 people in each of 10 lines at a glance! Then you'll see how much of a skill it is! . . . . . . I am such a loser.

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