Saturday, November 24, 2007

"Real" New Yorkers

I always considered NYC to be it's own living, breathing creature. Hey, it even expels gas in the form of steam all around the city! I was always fascinated by how New Yorkers can walk up and down the streets and pass within millimeters of each other without touching. I actually list this as something I appreciate about New York! You can walk down Park Ave at rush hour and watch people basically dance their way up the street moving ever so slightly, just an inch back with a shoulder, to avoid an oncoming pedestrian. I realized this was a skill "real" New Yorkers possessed when I returned from a long trip once, and on my way from the taxi to my apt I bumped into 3 people. I was out of practice. There is one more thing that "real" New Yorkers do, or should I say don't do. They don't stop in the middle of the sidewalk. You can witness a New Yorker as they are walking down the street check quickly behind them, then veer off to the side to tie their shoe or make a phone call. No one wants to get run over. This all being said, it was my observation that there are no "real" New Yorkers in Soho the day after Thanksgiving.

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