Sunday, September 27, 2009


Until Tuesday, I had never been to Jack's Studio over on the west side. An amazing space at the 601 building that brought me out again Thursday night for a photo exhibition/party. I thought the views during the day were great, but at night, they couldn't have been better. I took the first photo with my iphone using the Helge feature from Camera Bag. I shot it though the window towards the Empire State building, but something cool happened, it decided to partially reflect back into the studio giving this cool inside/outside effect. The other photo was part of the photobooth set up at the studio complete with a ringlight! I tell ya, when photographers have a photobooth they go all out.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Do You Have A Passion For Fashion?

Don't worry, that title was meant to sound corny. . . . but then again saying something "sounds corny" also sounds pretty lame. . . . whatever, let's begin again. This is the first season I elected not to document ny fashion week. However, this freed up all kinds of time to take part in all the festivities that I was always too exhausted to enjoy. Like Fashions Night Out, which meant hopping from shop to shop in Soho and enjoying a drink or three among individuals like Marc Jacobs, Vera Wang and Philip Lim! Or last evenings party for Metal magazine which brought out all the beautiful and funky people from Barcelona and Madrid! Too bad my friends Aina and Pol were back in Spain, I miss those two. (By the way, look for my portrait of artist Nick Cave in the next issue of Metal!) But it wasn't all fun and games. When I wasn't "out and about" this week, I was in front of the computer for hours on-end re-touching and finalizing Laila Azhar's lookbook shoot as well as a shoot I did with Dierdre from Elite. Above you will find a few samples from that shoot. I'm starting to work a little more in B&W these days. I find I can really blow out the whites and create some nice softness. Look for more black and white images in the next few months.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Alexandra For Laila Azhar

Alex was the first girl we saw at the casting for Laila's Spring 2010 lookbook. After she left I told Laila that if Alex had grown up in my neighborhood in Chicago, an 8 yr old Karl would have had the biggest crush on her. Then proceeded to tell her the story of how when I was about 6, I had a crush on this Italian girl from my neighborhood who was about 13 I guess. When she and her friends would walk around the neighborhood I would be walking with my mom and ask my mom if she could walk about 10 feet behind me so I would look "cool" walking all by myself. A few weeks later I wound up giving her all my dad's gold cuff links because they were shiny and had jewels in them. Her mom returned them the next day. I actually saw her a few weeks ago when I was back in Chicago and you know what, I think I still have a little crush on her. . . . . but don't worry, I didn't give her any men's jewelry, I learned my lesson the first time.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Now For Some "Me" Time

Generally speaking, my blog, (or journal as I like to call it), is a way for me to force feed the internet my ideas, photos, and a little behind the lens glimpse of my day-to-day. Rarely does the opportunity present itself that someone actually petitions this information from me. But such was the case when Shut Up magazine (how ironic) asked me to share my thoughts on their Talk Tuesday section. I was honored and obliged their request here.