Tuesday, February 23, 2010

A Tornado Just Hit My Apartment!

Well, not exactly. But it kinda felt like it! Let's just say Lia has no trouble in the movement department, which made my job so easy that day! What sometimes could take the better part of a half hour to shoot took all of 10 minutes. Which means we were able to shoot about 5 looks in less than an hour. What was I going to do with all my free time??? Edit thats what, and post a few shots on facebook which yielded a request from Maud at Fashion Does It Better for a few shots for their site. Lia is the perfect editorial girl, free spirited and a rock star in front of the camera which means every shot is unique and uniquely Lia! I'm currently sitting at JFK waiting for my flight so I do not have all the images at my disposal, but here are a couple shots from our shoot.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Bent But Not Broken. . . . . I Hope

So, during the busiest week of shooting so far this year, Fashion Week, I managed to take a fall on 7th ave (fashion ave how ironic), and totally jacked up my wrist. I contemplated re-scheduling a couple shoots since operating a camera at the time seemed out of the question. However, with a few well timed advil's and a few zip lock bags of ice, I managed to shoot Natalia from IMG, who was an absolute sweetheart and speaks fluent French! I can barely handle English good. . . . . . . see, told ya. To me, she's a dead ringer for Sienna Miller, which means that Bruce Weber will probably book her for Abercrombie before my wrist heals. I also managed to shoot Laila Azhars lookbook which turned out great and ended with a margarita from Tortilla Flats which was right next door, (how conveeeeeenient). My wrist is still a little jacked so retouching the images might take a few extra days, but here are a couple quick shots of Natalia that caught my eye.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Supreme Being

Teresa from Supreme. A total sweetheart and an absolute dream to work with! Plus she hails from Munich so she gets bonus points in my book (too little representation from Germany in the industry if you ask me). I asked her to play with the shirt, tug on it, grab it, do whatever you want with it. These were only about 6% of the images we shot with this outfit, and it would be great to be able to post them all so you could see how every one was different. You can view more of her images on my site. Trust me, it was crazy hard to narrow it down to just two per look.