Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Did I Say It Was Cold The Other Day?

So I woke up this morning ready to take on the new year. I check my phone to see what 2008 is bringing me in terms of weather. Looks like the high today is a balmy 9 degrees. But on the bright side it is sunny. So as I prepare to return some gifts and cruise by Costco, this is what I will be wearing. . . . . . You know those provocative phone calls where the other person on the line says with a sultry voice, "What are you wearing?", yeah, this ain't one of those.

1. 2 pairs underwear, one long one short.
2. 1 pair flannel lined jeans.
3. socks, 2 pair.
4. long sleeve thermal.
5. v-neck t-shirt.
6. hooded sweatshirt.
7. long coat.
8. leather gloves.
9. winter hat.
10. boots.
11. scarf (cause I like to keep it fashionable. . . . . what, flannel lined jeans aren't fashionable you say?)

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