Saturday, December 29, 2007

Another Smurfin' Story?! It's like 11 o'smurf!

Lauren and Erik received sleeping bags from Santa, and since we are not an outdoor-z family, the most adventurous place to go camping is the back room at grandma's house. So last night they got their chance to "rough it" and yours truly was in charge of the bed time stories. We rotated, Lauren, then me, then Erik. Lauren is great with originality, as long as there is a princess involved. And Erik, he liked to tell stories of how is the winning driver in a NASCAR race. I, on the other hand, cheated and told stories I pulled from the web. Thanks Hans Christian Anderson! The plan was to have them in bed by 9, but that plan went out the window after I realized that I let them have candy just about everytime they asked throughout the evening, so we were up telling stories until 11:30 pm. The morning brought the traditional Saturday morning cartoons, and I was able to expose them to the Smurfs. They seemed to like them. Although I never realized how much a pain in the smurf Smurfette is! I guess when your the only female you can get away with being a total smurf. She's no Betty Rubble I tell ya that! Now there's a real woman. . . . . . . . I know, I need help.

ps. go to this site to find out if you were a smurf, what smurf you would be.

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