Sunday, January 13, 2008

There Goes The Neighborhood.

Williamsburg used to be my "go to" spot when I wanted to get away from the bridge and tunnel crowd that invades the city on Friday and Saturday nights. Now it looks like I'm gonna have to venture a little further out if I want to have the same enjoyment out of my weekend nights. Last night I went out with my former roommate Susan for a little dinner at Dumont and drinks at Roebling Tea Room. And everything was great until we made a trip to that beer garden on Berry filled with a total post college frat crowd. I should have known when they checked ID's at the door that this was not going to be a place I wanted to spend my evening. Aren't there enough places in the city where these guys can go, with velvet ropes and over-priced drinks? I thought they liked that kinda thing? They already drove me out of the LES, now they want the 'burg too?! I was upset because the place is great, it's just the weekend crowd that blew. I will give it a chance during the week, I have a thing for bar maids in lederhosen (but then again who doesn't?).

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