Friday, January 25, 2008

I'm Short And Fat

There are 2 weeks of the year when I feel short and fat in NYC, and this week is one of them. Now bear in mind I'm 6'2" about 165 lbs soakin' wet last I checked, not really in need of Nutisystem. But starting yesterday, trips around Manhattan via streets and subways will cause even the lanky-est of individuals to feel like they should hit the treadmill. For this is the week leading up to fashion week, where all the models from around the world scurry around NYC to castings in their high heels and skinny jeans, smoking cigarettes with one hand and holding their starbucks in the other. It sometimes feels like NY has been invaded by aliens, super tall, super skinny, speaking some foreign language that only they understand and with the power to cause most men to become disorientated and act foolish. I think if we were ever conquered by aliens, this would definitely be the way I would want to go.

Above is a sample from my shoot yesterday with Yaris.

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