Saturday, September 8, 2007

Day 4

I survived another day. I'm not sure how though, I looked back at what I had consumed yesterday, and by all accounts I should not be able to type this entry. Lets see, 8am: coffee. 4pm: half a subway sandwich and water. 7pm: some type of apple martini. 9pm: vodka cranberry. Thats it. All day. Today I treated myself much better and had lunch AND dinner. . . . . well, I take that back, I had dinner. Yogurt doesn't really count as lunch does it.

Here is a shot I took inside and elevator on my way up from the backstage area to where the Camilla Staerk show was being presented. There were 4 other people in this elevator at the time, and two of the guys had some type of large board they were bringing up to add to the stage. Getting a shot with a cool background sometimes places you inside elevators with models and construction workers.

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