Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry Christmas!!!

I know this is probably the lamest way to wish everyone a Merry Christmas but I'm going to do it anyway. Due to a scheduling conflict, we were unable to celebrate Christmas Eve at my brother's house last evening. Instead we decided to celebrate Kwanzaa tomorrow the 26th of December. Which is the official start of the week long, non-religious, celebration of family, community and culture. It says that traditional Kwanzaa gifts must include a book and a heritage symbol. I really hope I don't get the packages confused. I know Erik wanted a Power Ranger, he might very well get a heritage symbol, (I don't even know what that means?)

Today we will be heading to my cousins for the traditional religious celebration of Christmas. Complete with toys and probably something be-dazzled! Just as Jesus would have wanted. (I think a Hanna Montana doll is probably todays equivalent to Frankincense.) So I hope everyone has a wonderful day and you get all the books and heritage symbols you asked for! Merry Christmas!!!

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