Thursday, September 11, 2008

NYFW SP 2009 Day 7

The day started at VPL where I shot Dei from Ford. Then I had a break and ran a few errands before I was off to Custo Barcelona where I ran into another model from Chicago Lindsay. I shot her the same day I shot Laura last summer. Finally it was the Aurelio Costerella show where I met up with Mia again for a nice little chat. Thursday reminded me a-lot of the 4th floor of my 5 floor walk-up, by the time you get there you wish it was over, but you know it's only one more floor till your home free. I think many of the models felt the same way today, especially for a 9 o'clock show. Not much energy backstage and who could blame them. I really felt empathy for a-lot of the models today, and I really started to notice how annoying some photographers backstage can be. They even started to annoy me so I left early. But before I left I tried to take a candid shot of Alice through the curtains, but it looks like she spotted me. Tomorrow is the last day (5th floor), I just hope I have enough left to make it through the door. . . . . . . . ok, maybe I'm taking this analogy thing a little too far.

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