Monday, September 8, 2008

NYFW SP 2009 Day 4

I missed the morning session today because I had to return the equipment from yesterdays shoot and also because I managed only 3 hours of sleep that night. However, the look book is complete and everyone is happy so that makes me happy. At Ohne Titel I shot Myf. She is like my new favorite model, so striking and willing to have her picture taken. It's very refreshing. Then I took a break for lunch and stopped by the Jordache show. Lots of pictures of butt's in jeans. . . . . . . maybe that's why I got the "content" warning (that you know doubt had to go through if you are reading this now). But I'll save that explanation for another time. But just so you know, I'm furious about it!!! Then came backstage at Gottex. Gold was everywhere and everyone wore robes. I felt like I was in an Austin Powers movie!

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