Saturday, September 6, 2008

NYFW SP 2009 Day 2

I loved this girls Converse All Stars backstage at Charlotte Ronson and I asked if I could shoot them. About 10 minutes later she tracked me down and asked me why I took a picture of her shoes? I told her that they were cool. She smiled and said "Oh" and walked away. Then I saw Lindsay Lohan storm through backstage mobbed by paparazzi. I took a video of the madness and as soon as I figure how to edit video I will post it. . . . . . . . . but then doesn't that make me part of the paparazzi? I might have to re-think this. Then I saw Mia at Tony Maticevski. She's friends with my old roommate Matt. Very sweet Danish girl. Then at Andy and Debb I had a nice conversation with Myf. She was wearing a beautiful Josh Goot dress and was extremely friendly and personable. I tried to shoot her in that dress but she was whisked away into first looks. However, she did give me a nice twirl as she exited the runway.

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