Tuesday, September 23, 2008


OK, from previous posts, we all know how much I like to comment on television commercials, (it's a prerequisite for my future career on Madison ave, I plan on being a big player in the "ad" game). Sometimes I love, (Red Stripe), sometimes I hate, (IO Cable) and sometimes I dance like in the Areva commercial that plays "Funkytown" (click here for the video). I still don't know what Areva is or does, (from the commercial it looks like a new Sims game but could be a multi-billion dollar energy company, one or the other) either way, as I sit and re-touch images from Valeria's shoot today I can't help myself from dancing while sitting in my chair. Dancing while seated is what us white folks do best, it requires no lower half coordination, and absolutely no rhythm (just check out the white couple in the video for proof). . . . . . . . . Any respect you had for me up till now is gone now isn't it. Above you will find a quick shot of Valeria from today's shoot.

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