Monday, May 5, 2008

Blue Monday

Is one pair not enough? Are 5 too many? I decided this morning to go out and buy a pair of jeans. I never buy anything for myself, heck, I've styled so many of my shoots that I'm more comfortable buying womens clothes than my own! (I should have probably kept that to myself). But I made the trek up to Barney's today and what did I discover but an unannounced, one day, first time ever, 40% off sale on like everything in the mens dept. including jeans! You know those scenes when bridal shops have their major sales and all those woman beat each other down to get their wedding dress? Yeah, it was a lot like that, but instead of inexpensive wedding dresses it was over-priced priced denim, and instead of group of desperate, crazy women it was me! I guess the karma gods were telling me that the 2 pair of jeans I always wear needed some friends and it was my job to supply those friends. Hey, anything I can do to help.

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