Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Barbeque Schmarbeque

Memorial day is filled with backyard BBQ's and trips to the beach. I on the other hand spent yesterday shooting two amazing girls in Brooklyn. First was Katya, who flew in from Russia the previous night and had never been to NYC before. Even though she was suffering some major jet-lag, she had the best attitude and was super sweet? "Why do so many people speak Spanish here?" she asked, "I don't know Katya, ask Lou Dobbs." Next was Amelia, with those gorgeous blue-green eyes and that accent, I could have shot her all day just to listen to her speak! And she moved like a dream. What is it with these Aussie models, they rock! That's it Martin, move over buddy, I'm coming to Australia. . . . . . Although that 33 hour flight is going to be brutal. All in all I must say my memorial day was quite a wonderful experience. And I got a pretty bad ass farmer tan to boot. . . . . . . . . p.s. you can view the story "Do You Believe In Rapture" here.

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