Wednesday, October 17, 2007

LA Day 4

OK, so I almost got into a fight with this smelly fat photographer over what he claimed was his spot on the media riser. What are we like 12? "This is my spot! See, my names on it!" Pathetic. So I gave the fat little baby his spot and wouldn't you know it, like a 6' 4" guy winds up right in front of him totally ruining his shot. What can I say, Karl Karma. On a positive note. The designer featured in the above photos wanted me specifically to document her collection backstage based solely on the backstage section of my website. I thought that was pretty cool. Some notes on the images above. The woman zipping up the girls is the designer Dina. I shot the girl with the iphone because I think the iphone is the best thing ever. And I just liked the runway rehearsal shot with the girl between the other girls legs. (and if you got to my site because you did a Google search for "girl between girls legs" please leave now and don't come back).

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