Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Go Phillies! Make Me Look Like A Genius!!!

Way back in April I had a conversation with my friend Frank back in Chicago. We picked who would make it to the World Series. I picked the Phillies from the National League, and how could you not pick the Yankees from the American League with their lineup and payroll. Both teams look pretty good to make it all the way, but no one predicted the absolute collapse of the Mets to allow Philadelphia the opportunity to prove me right. I must say, it was a long shot considering they haven't even made it to the playoffs in like 15 years or so. But I took a chance and it's paying off. Now if only I would have put some money on it when I was in Vegas. . . . . . Ringtone update: I wasn't able to get the Curb Your Enthusiasm ringtone, but if your walking around Manhattan and you here Timbaland coming from someones phone, it's either a 16 yr old Puerto Rican girl from the Bronx?. . . . . . . . or yours truly.

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