Monday, October 8, 2007


Seems like this is the time of year for everyone in NY to go to LA and vice versa. My friend Steve from the womens board at Ford LA came out this week to work at Ford NY. We've been having a great time bar hopping this past week, and I've gotten a chance to give him "Karl's NY Tour" which is by far the best tour NY has to offer (Screw you Times Square!). This season it has been more Brooklyn intensive and last night was no exception as we ventured out to Habana Outpost in Fort Greene for some great Cuban food in their amazing outside patio. Next week, my friend Courtney is coming out from LA to NY for a month. I will be crashing at her place in LA while I venture out to the west coast to shoot LA Fashion Week and visit with some friends whom I haven't seen since Vegas. I picked up a beauty magazine as a client for LA Fashion Week, don't be surprised if you see more of a focus on hair and make-up in my next round of backstage shots. And as always I will have my point and shoot to document the whole trip. Who knows, maybe Lindsay Lohan will snort, shoot up, or crash into something so I can sell the photo to TMZ and retire early.

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