Friday, October 12, 2007

I (heart) LA

I forgot how much I love LA! The flight was a bit long (6 hours), but once I landed, everyone was so healthy looking and friendly, the car rental agency even gave me a free upgrade! "Hollywood Nights" (how appropriate) by Bob Seger was playing on the radio as I drove the 405 to Courtney's place in Santa Monica, which by the size of it, would be a 5 bedroom in Manhattan. Oh, did I mention she lives just a couple blocks from the beach! Not too shabby huh.

Poor Courtney. I just spoke with her in NY and she's staying in a cramped models apt with 2 other girls in the LES, while I'm out here in her spacious 1 bedroom. Seems like we've switched lives for a week.

I met up with my old roommate Matt who lives just down the road in Venice for a quick bite to eat. Tonite I'm supposed to meet up with my friend Todd and some of our other friends for dinner and drinks and then to a birthday party. I tell ya, I feel so fortunate to have such a great group of friends. I just wish some of them didn't live so far away. . . . . but what the hell, it just gives me an excuse to come visit more right?! . . . . . I wonder when Courtney is planning another trip out east?

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