Saturday, March 22, 2008

Tri-State Trouble

OK, first New Jerseys' governor turns out to be gay and resigns from office and now is in a legal battle with his wife because she claims he knew he was gay when they got married. Then New York's luv guv is involved in hiring a prostitute from NJ and resigns, then his blind (literally blind) replacement admits to having cheated on his wife numerous times on the day he was sworn in as the new governor! Now, UConn gets bounced in the first round of my NCAA bracket totally screwing up my chances to win my March Madness pool! Now hey, if your gay your gay, you should have been honest and upfront before you went ahead and got married. And did you see that prostitute from NJ?! I'm not saying I condone it but I totally understand. And come on, the guy is blind, so give him a break, he's got it hard enough as it it, plus his wife cheated on him at the same time so in some weird adulterous way I guess they cancel each other out. But UConn losing in the first round! That's inexcusable.

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