Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Oui, It's Been Awhile

Since my last post we've had 5, no make that 6 shoots. It ran the gamut from high end de-lux apartments in the sky, to an amazing motel, (that I've wanted to shoot at for over a year), where we had to pay by the hour. Both equally incredible in their own right. The high end shoot took place on Chicago's Gold Coast. We shot in the penthouse apartment complete with it's own library and a "Great" room, which, you guessed it, was very good. The subsequent shoot took place at this motel on the south side whose rooms might not have had a library, but you could rent one where the bed looks like a sandwich, and no I'm not kidding, a sandwich. The weather for both shoots was amazing for November, (70 and sunny), the kind of weather I waited all summer long for but never got. I'm in the process of re-touching all the images this week, but here are 2 samples, one from each shoot. Can you tell which ones from which location??? Also check out the fall story we shot at the beach last week here, it's entitled "L Automne A La Mer", which I thought translated into "The Car from March", but I guess translates into "Autumn by the Sea", which makes much more sense.

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