Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Gobble Gobble

Let's see, Thanksgiving. A day to be thankful for all that you have followed by a day to curse for all that you've spent. I tell you one thing that I'm thankful for, I'm thankful I no longer have food poisoning. Yeah, that wasn't fun. (and yes I know it looks like I've lost weight, not eating solid food for 3 days tends to do that to you). I will be spending this Thanksgiving, (as I do every Thanksgiving) evaluating where I've been, where I am, and where I see myself next year at this time. . . . . . . . oh, and re-touching. I will not be spending it with my family because 1. I just saw them last week. B. because I will see them again in 2 weeks. and 3. because they could probably use the break. Truthfully though, I am very thankful for all that I have, great family and friends and a job that I love, and I will do my best not to take them or it for granted. Now back to business. Above are some images of Jessica we took during my last trip to Chicago! . . . . . . By the way, she could be the nicest person I've ever met. Period. Plus she drives a black Jeep Wrangler, (which was my first and only car), so she gets bonus points. . . . . . man I loved that car.

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