Saturday, October 31, 2009

I Listen To The Wind

I just completed my edit for this editorial we shot on Thursday. So as I get ready to head out this Halloween, I thought I'd take a few minutes to share some of my location images as well as an out-take from the shoot. It was crazy windy and cold on Thursday and the location was this beach on the near north side of Chicago. The area we shot at juts out into the lake, and as you know, Chicago is "The Windy City" and the reputation didn't disappoint. Combine that with some chilly temps and lets just say when we knew we got the shot, we were done. Period. Next outfit. I did however want to re-shoot the first look, but in looking back at the images, my first instinct was correct. . . . . but don't tell anyone from the shoot that I prolonged their exposure to the elements for no reason, that won't be received well, trust me. Here are a couple shots from my location scouting trip, along with a blurred out-take/accident from the first look. My camera focused on the tall grass for a split second blurring out Michelle. It won't work for the story, but I thought it was kinda cool, so here would be a good place to post it.


kit said...

Don't you know that we check your blog???? LOVE that you wanted to reshoot the 1st look -- it just proves what a total professional you are. You know we would have been much more disappointed if we didn't have the shot. I'm sure Michelle would feel the same way. And these shots are just gorgeous! At the risk of over-stroking your ego again, you're a genius, Karl!

Colin said...

I love the blurred shot sometimes accidents make for some good art. It's been a while but just wanted to say it was rad meeting you at the metal mag party. Here's my email

Colin from fashiontoast