Thursday, October 22, 2009

When In Rome

In this case it has everything to do with the cliche and even more to do with the band! The lack of recent posts is directly proportional to the amount of visitors I had this past couple weeks. My friend Crystal was in town for the past month combined with an overlapping trip by my friend Beckett which resulted in many late nights complete with our own soundtrack! As many of you know, Shazam for the iphone is like the best invention ever! And no place do I put it to better use than at Tortilla Flats which (in my opinion) has the best soundtrack of any bar/restaurant in NYC! Crystal and I had our own theme music as we walked the Highline post Tortilla Flats listening to "The Promise" by, you guessed it, When In Rome! And yes, people did think we were nuts. By the time Beckett arrived late last week to style an editorial, our playlist for our time together was packed with songs by George McCrae, Betty Wright, King Harvest and Tommy James. Thanks again Tortilla! (although you do owe me one umbrella, but I'll let it slide since our table did dominate trivia Sunday night and your tequila reserve is no doubt a little depleted as a result). Here are some pics from our NYC adventures, and I'll add some songs to my playlist below. Notice the flame in that last image. Crystal wanted a drink "on fire", what was crazy about it was not the fact that she wanted a drink "on fire", but that none of us actually saw the flame with our eyes, but when we looked at the picture I took, the camera caught it as it quickly vanished into thin air! . . . . . . what, you're not amazed? well, I'm easily amused, what can I say.

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fuschiaaa said...

Very pretty photographs. It sounds like a fun month!