Monday, June 22, 2009

Back to Reality, Back To Life

Now that my "staycation" is over, it's time to get to back to reality, which means work, work, and more work, (someones got to pay for those lattes I drink and those kimono's I wear!) I'm shooting a story for this cool pair of stylists who started their own online retail store. I scouted the location on Friday, and we are having a fitting today at 2pm, (that is of course if I'm still awake, see I've been up since 2am, not a great way to start out the week). I wish I could say I'm still jet-lagged from LA, but if you think about it, that makes absolutely no sense whatsoever, so I won't even mention it. The location for our shoot is great! This great lily pond up on the northside, above you will find some snapshots. . . . . . . . I never thought that all those hours wandering the streets of Chicago by myself as a child would one day pay off! Unfortunately, many of the coolest spots I know to shoot at in various cities would probably require police protection. Like I told a girl the other day, "Wanna find the seediest parts of any city? Find the nearest photographer and just ask them where the best places are to shoot. You'll get your answer."

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