Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Adios Amigos

Today is the day I say goodbye to LA. I've spent a good deal of time at the beach, drinking coffee, and seeing old friends. . . . . . . . oh yeah, and working a bit too. Now it's off to sweet home Chicago, for some family time, a few neighborhood festivals. . . . . . oh yeah, and more work. A huge thank you to my friend Courtney for letting me stay at her apt in Santa Monica!!! What a sweetheart. Here are a few random pictures from my trip. A few notes, the palm tree one is the park I walked thru everyday to get my morning cup of coffee. The rose bush one was just a shot to show how weeds grow out here. The coffee pic is my morning cup from Urth Cafe. The last one is from poolside at The Roosevelt Hotel.

1 comment:

mathias said...

and Chile?... when you going to visit us? lol