Monday, May 18, 2009

West Side

Flew out to La for some good ol' fashion "work and relaxation", (I think "rest and relaxation" is overrated besides being redundant). Everyone out here is really in the movie industry! By the way, what is a "treatment" and why did the super-shuttle guy want me to see his? Anyway, I sat by the window during my flight (which I never do), and managed to snap a few shots along the way. According to the in-flight GPS, the one is of the Grand Canyon, the other is of some mountains neard Colorado, and the third is my breakfast yesterday morning (the GPS didn't help with that one). I also experienced a 5.0 earthquake last night which they say is "moderate", I thought it was way cool! but very weird.


Olivia said...

the polaroids are awesome!

karl rothenberger said...

thanks olivia! I wish they were real, however, I created them using an application on my phone called camera bag. The ones on my actual website are the real deal. These however are imposters ;)