Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Topanga Daze

See what I did there? I spelled days d a z e. So clever. Memorial day weekend was filled with sun and fun and sun and more sun, (I'm currently a nice shade of maroon). These images were taken at this festival up in Topanga Canyon. It was totally my speed and I got a chance to re-live a little of my college days. My favorite part was seeing all the hippie kids. When I have kids I would totally try and dress them up like little flower children. There was a girl there, probably a few years older than my niece, with total dreads and a long flow-y dress. She was cooler at 10 years old than I'll ever be. I mean dread locks at her age?! Amazing. There were 3 stages of live music and tons of food and drink. I need to make a mental note for next year.

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