Sunday, July 27, 2008

My New Obsession

I am officially obsessed with the new application on the iphone called "Shazam". (What, you thought I was talking about the girl?) It actually listens to music, any music, and then instantly tells you the song, the artist, and gives you the video on you tube! It also allows you to download it from itunes which is just smart business. I'm not really doing it justice, you have to see it work, it's pretty freakin' ridiculous. Anyway, I totally bored my friends to death the other night at Habana Outpost as every song the dj played I would "tag" with my phone. They probably thought I was a complete loser, but when they want to listen to some kick ass R&B you know who they'll call. . . . . . . . well, after all their black friends. . . . . . . and some of their white friends that played college basketball. Yeah thats right, they'll call me! Above is an image of Thais from today's shoot. View the story here. It's making me want to go right back to Habana and have margarita and their amazing corn on the cob! One of these days I'm going to get myself back to Miami.

1 comment:

ant0n said...

yes, im thinking you talk about the girl.
i want to have an iphone :(