Sunday, July 20, 2008

My Apologies

It has come to my attention that a recent post (that has since been taken down) may have offended some people. My goal was not to offend, rather to point out that some people on the beach at Coney Island were not in the best of shape (myself included). I did see a 350 lb man is what appears to have been a speedo, but who am I to judge. I was also critical of the music I heard on the beach that reminded me of that annoying optimum online commercial. But in my defense, the news had a whole segment on how advertisers use annoying ads like that one specifically and the "Head On" commercial as a tool to get people to pay attention to their product, (which I guess works because I'm talking about it right now). I did however enjoy the music festival (which was filled with tons of cute, cool people in all shapes and sizes) and again, I'm sorry if my words may have offended anyone, as it was not my intention.

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