Monday, July 16, 2007

Music For The Masses

So my summer has been going along swimmingly, (what do you think Matt, 'swimmingly', OK to use or rather lame? I kinda like it.) Anywho, (now I've gone too far), I can't even watch ESPN now without being bombarded by commercials featuring some of my favorite songs. VW pretty much owns Wilco and now I just saw a Levi's commercial featuring my favorite Peter Bjorn and John song "Up Against A Wall"! If I hear Sun Kil Moon's "Carry Me Ohio" or "Ocean Breathes Salty" I might have to take action into my own hands! And by 'action' I mean do nothing, and by 'own hands' I mean somebody elses hands.

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Matt Oliver said...

so i just typed a comment and then i hit a button and everything i typed was gone. so now i'm gonna try to remember what i wrote...

i think i was saying something about the AT&T commercial that you should check out because they play eight seconds of a sweet song called "For the Actor" by Mates of State. also, isn't it weird that the only time you hear music on MTV is during the commercials?

hey, i put you on my top 8 or 12 or whatever number of friends on myspace. i don't know why you weren't already up there. i just logged on tonight and realized that i had to evict some of my top friends. so now you're up there. ok, good bye.