Sunday, July 1, 2007

Celebrate Good Times COME ON!!!

I might have celebrated a little too much these past 5 days, (your liver is not supposed to actually hurt is it?). But it was well worth it, (mental note, do not try and cure a hangover at 6 pm with alcohol, it only tends to make the hangover at 2 am that much worse). The celebration was for the NY premiere of my friend Todd's movie "Throwing Stars". It looks as if audiences will get a chance to see it in March. . . I should be almost completely recovered by then. The above photo was taken by my friend Brendan at my new favorite bar Matchless. A whole lot of beer, pool and music from the 50's. You may ask yourself, "Why does he look so dazed and confused in this photo?" If so, please re-read this entry from the beginning.

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