Friday, February 12, 2010

Bent But Not Broken. . . . . I Hope

So, during the busiest week of shooting so far this year, Fashion Week, I managed to take a fall on 7th ave (fashion ave how ironic), and totally jacked up my wrist. I contemplated re-scheduling a couple shoots since operating a camera at the time seemed out of the question. However, with a few well timed advil's and a few zip lock bags of ice, I managed to shoot Natalia from IMG, who was an absolute sweetheart and speaks fluent French! I can barely handle English good. . . . . . . see, told ya. To me, she's a dead ringer for Sienna Miller, which means that Bruce Weber will probably book her for Abercrombie before my wrist heals. I also managed to shoot Laila Azhars lookbook which turned out great and ended with a margarita from Tortilla Flats which was right next door, (how conveeeeeenient). My wrist is still a little jacked so retouching the images might take a few extra days, but here are a couple quick shots of Natalia that caught my eye.

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ariel romano said...

i'm in love with your work. PERIOD.