Saturday, August 8, 2009

She Shines With Her Own Kind Of Light

Rachel is from Kentucky (thus the title), and we had such a great time shooting the other day. It was rather steamy outside, but we did manage to shoot at this little basketball court near my apt. Otherwise, it was an A/C kinda day. After the shoot she wrote me an hilarious story about how she broke her heel down in the East Village and had to decide whether to walk barefoot or don her 4 inch heels as she made her way back home. I hope she wore the heels, sometimes even flip flops around NYC can be sketchy. I remember when I lost a flip down the sewer on the corner of 1st and 1st (the nexus of the universe). I basically hopped around on one leg till a cab stopped for me. . . . Oh and then there was the time I had to walk barefoot through Port Authority. . . . . it's pretty safe to wash your feet with bleach right?

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