Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Day 5

The Day started with the debut collection by Allison Parris. The backstage area was kinda tight, so I concentrated on catching some moments of the designer as it was her first collection, kind of an important moment if you ask me. From her smile it looks like it was a success. Then I ran into Minh from Nylon on Spring St. Look for my work in their March issue. Next was on to the Trovata show. Now I love Trovata. My favorite jacket of all time is my Trovata black corduroy sport coat. I wear it constantly (you can even see part of it in the picture of me atop this page). So it was fun to get a sneak peak at their new collection. I also got a chance to un into Polina and Elyse from Ford pre-debraiding. I see these 2 everywhere! They are so sweet. Then on to A Detacher where I ran into Heather who I shot for my Nylon story. Coincidence seeing both Minh and Heather on the same day? Yes.

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