Monday, October 20, 2008

Remembering The Good Times

Andrew, Jen and myself from the Bahamas trip, (along with a nice surprise by Melissa from Ford), met up last night at Tortilla Flats for some reminiscing and margaritas. Tortilla Flats is my go-to place for a good time and last night didn't disappoint. They have the best playlist of any bar/restaurant in NY bar none! And when "Islands In The Stream" by Kenny Rodgers and Dolly Parton came on the stereo, we kinda all broke out into song at the bar, (see playlist on this page to listen to the song and feel free to sing along). This morning I was actually whistling to the Doobie Brothers as I walked to Meet Arlenis for our shoot at my new studio space in Williamsburg, (you can whistle as well if you go down to the last song on my playlist). I don't remember the last time I whistled as I walked to work, and by the look on everyones faces down Park Ave at 9 am, I don't think people do it that often. Here is a light test from our shoot today.

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