Thursday, February 7, 2008

Do I Look THAT Exhausted?!

One more day of shooting ahead of me. I think I'm in need of some well deserved time off. I took a cab from the Kai Kuhne show back home, and the cab driver offered me something to eat. Now when has that ever happened?! I must have looked totally exhausted. Well, tomorrow there are only a couple shows then I get a day off before I have to shot two girls from Ford on Sunday. All my efforts must be paying off because people are talking, (at least one person anyway). You can check out what an English blog has to say about some of my backstage shots here (even though they misspelled my name and made me Jewish). . . . . . . . (I must not look that bad, my roommate Michelle's sister thought I was a model when Michelle told her I was busy with Fashion Week. Must be because I lost so much weight, one whole belt loop since the beginning of the week.

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