Saturday, May 5, 2007

Tag, You're It!

OK, here's the situation, "My parents went away on a week's vacation". No No No. Sorry couldn't resist. African Matt, as I like to call him now, (even though he doesn't know I like to call him that since now he's LA Matt), has coerced (wow I actually spelled that right? Good job Karl.) me to compile top ten list about myself, (spelling of words like coerrced (awww crap!) should be like # 7 or so. I guess not any more. So here we go!

1. I will write 10 "interesting" things about myself.

2. I'll tag one person although you are supposed to tag 10, but who's got that kinda time, the shut-in's probably.

3. If you've been tagged, you do your own list and tag more people.

#1. I read magazines from back to front. Maybe its the fact that I'm part Asian, (I'm really not part Asian,) but it would explain it now wouldn't it. Also, I bypass all the ads in the beginning. Don't tell Madison Ave.

#2. I used to sneak bouillon cubes, that's right, the super concentrated chicken stock that comes in those little foil wrappers, I would sneak them up into bed with me when I was about 5. I would eat them before bed and hide the wrappers under my pillow. I mean come on, my mom would never look under my pillow right?

#3. I am a firm believer in Karma. So much so that some people refer to me as Karma Karl. I can't explain it, but as soon as I do something good for someone else, something good comes my way. Now excuse me why I go look for a little old lady to help across the street.

#4. If it was socially acceptable I would never shave, ever! I do it to please others, that's the kinda guy I am.

#5. I'm amazed at how many people enjoy sitting on the grass in Central Park on hot, humid summer days. It's not enjoyable. (Speaking of which, If you need me I will be sitting on the grass in Central Park in like an hour.)

#6. I think "Get a Life", the late 80's, short lived TV show starring Chris Elliot, was the funniest TV show ever. I feel ya Matt, the best ones never make it. I mean who could not love the story of a 30 something yr old paper boy! (Reminder, focus on career after finishing blog entry).

#7. I hate it when cashiers hand you the receipt, with paper money and coins placed atop each other. Then they look at you with disgust as you have to separate the receipt from the cash from the coins to put them away. Give them to me one at a time and we won't be sharing these awkward moments every time I buy a pack of Orbit.

#8. I am a man who wears many hats, literally hats, no metaphors here. I have a Yankees hat for NY, A White Sox and Cubs hat in Chicago and wore a Red Sox hat when I went up to Boston. I'm not fair-weather, I just don't like to offend drunken mobs.

#9. I'm not a big reader. But when I do read, I tend to tell everyone about what I just learned. People, trust me, you should be happy I don't read more.

#10. I tend to use the word baby alot. Like at the end of a phrase. "You Know It Baby!" I use it to both men and women. So don't think I'm flirting with you when it comes out of my mouth. It's just a habit baby!

These are just the first ten that came to mind as I prepare to go sweat in Central Park. Now Susan, I am pre-tagging you. So when you get your blog up and running you will be officially be IT.

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