Sunday, December 31, 2006

Happy New Year!!!

New Years Resolutions generally last about 2 weeks right? Most of us promise ourselves 'real change' in the new year only to disappoint ourselves around Super Bowl Sunday. With my new blog however, I now have a written record that will stare me in the face every morning as I roll out of bed to begin my day. Besides standing on a soap box to rail against politicians or discuss what Britney and Paris are wearing or not wearing, I think this might be why blogs truly exist. So here we go in no particular order.

* Focus on work; being proactive not reactive, assertive not passive.

* Focus on self; healthy body equals healthy mind, go to the gym!
* Focus on family; the holidays really point out the importance of family that often times gets lost when you are concentrating on the previous two.

Looking back, 2006 was a great year. I enjoyed great times with great people. My photography improved tremendously by exposing myself to many influences including the works of painter Egon
Schiele (see insert). Expanded my relationships with magazines and agencies. Hey, I even started a blog! But 2007 needs to be better. . . . maybe I should compile a list of things I need to focus on? . . . wait . . . done!

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louisa rose said...

I love this picture!