Tuesday, May 11, 2010

What A Perfect Way To End A Perfect Day

Than with none other than home-made chocolate chip cookies baked by yours truly! (home-made is kind of a stretch, I just heated them in my toaster oven, but it was still effort) They were warm and delicious and a perfect way for Ariel and I to finish our shoot. There are no words to describe what an amazing person she is, filled with life and positive energy and such a sweetheart! (well I guess technically those are all words) Nonetheless it was one of my favorite shoots of all time (and thats saying a lot because I've been fortunate to shoot some amazing girls recently). The only downside is now I'm hooked on those chocolate chips and it's getting really close to bathing suit season! Good thing I only wear a one piece.

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Arlene said...

OMG...you are so funny. I love your blog. I just caught up on all of your posts since "spring has sprung"...makes for great brunch time reading on my back deck :)
Had a great time shooting July!!