Monday, January 11, 2010

I Put My Finger On It!

Finally. I couldn't quite figure it out, but after looking at these images of Dana from our shoot the other day I realized what it reminded me of. . . . . . . . . Avatar! What, you don't see it? Well maybe it's the braid, or maybe its the fact that I saw the movie twice, but whatever it is, if we painted Dana blue and instead of a dilapidated apartment we were in the forest you wouldn't be able to tell the two apart?! Oh, and the fact that Avatar is going to make a bazillion dollars. . . . . . . . . . . . but besides that I mean.


lisa said...

The first photo reminded me of Avatar before I read what you wrote.
Her body shape and eyes look very Neytiri-like.

Your photos are always so beautiful, you've become one of my favourite photographers! :)

karl rothenberger said...

that's so sweet of you lisa! yeah, the first ones really the only one that reminded me of the movie too.i'm very jealous that its summer down under and it's winter. . . . . .up. . . . . .over?? ;)