Sunday, January 4, 2009

The Best Part

When I borrowed my brothers scanner, I thought the part I was going to look forward to the most was scanning the polaroids from my shoot with Emily. Now I really did enjoy that process and I love how they turned out, but the best part has been reliving family history through scanning old family photos. It started as I volunteered to scan and re-touch a couple old photos my cousin had shown me over Christmas dinner. That has now blossomed into a digital documentation and archival of my our family's history in print. I can't wait to jump into our family albums and relive my family tree. No doubt it will be an emotional roller-coaster, but hopefully in the end, an amazing trip. Here is a shot of my grandparents wedding day on my mothers side. My grandfather would be the strong, stoic one with the mustache. And my grandmother, (who looks amazingly like my mother in this photo), is seated next to him.

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