Monday, June 16, 2008

Google This!

So I'm bored. My flight going back to NYC is delayed so I'm sitting at Starbucks, or as I call it now "4 bucks" because everything costs, you guessed it, 4 bucks! You're so smart!!! (all credit to Courtney Robertson). I decided to list some of the Google searches that resulted in a direct link to my journal, (and you thought I wouldn't find out). Some are logical, some are creepy, and some just don't make sense. So here ya go!

Why shoot up Robitussin
Rap for nerds graphs
Rothenberger wasted 
Smells at the beach NJ
Karl karma (my personal favorite)
Why do I look exhausted
Sack sexy
Black people from Connecticut
Rothenberger action 
Photography of bulls and bears

So according to this, I'm a nature photographer, who is addicted to cough medicine, a little nerdy, works way too hard but enjoys an occasional drink or 3 at the Jersey shore, who may or may not be a racist. . . . . . . . Well, apart from that last one, yeah, I'd say that's about right.

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Michael said...

You know, I visit your blog, and website for that matter, only for the copious photography of bulls and bears.