Tuesday, March 3, 2009

California Dreamin'

As New Yorkers dig out from 10 inches of snow, these two got out of Dodge just in time to return back to sunny California. But before they did, we got a chance to shoot some beautiful soft images pre-snow storm. Am I jealous that they are probably sipping Chai Tea outside at Urth Cafe while I just froze my nose trying to grab some Mexican take-out? You betcha! But on the brighter side, the new Nylon just came out, pick up a copy today for work by yours truly!

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Anton said...

One more time, here are some amazing pictures. I check your work out for a while, on your personal website or your polawork on polanoid. I love your vision of women and fashion.

I'd be glad to discuss about it in NYC one day.

Before that, you can find my polas on http://www.anton-polaroid.com

See you.